Why Quiz Games Can Attract A Large Amount of Traffic?

marketing-color-colors-wheel.jpgWhen attempting to gain traffic, Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) immediately comes to mind for many organizations. These two methods have been widely recognized to get the biggest return on a company’s investment. However, we often come across the questions like “I put an ad on Google for months. Why do I still have little traffic?” The answer could come from one of their disadvantages, which is the time needed to test out the best key words displaying on Google. These methods require a strong ability to analyze product features and be sensitive to customers’ needs. Companies may suffer from a setback when these strategies are poorly operated. Thus, it is crucial to identify alternative methods that are simpler and quicker to gain traffic.

‘Is there a tool that can be used to multiply my subscribers?’

YES! Online quiz games have been getting more and more popular in recent years, and its core principle is “taking quizzes and winning bonuses.” People, who are attracted to the prize bonus and the entertainment from taking quizzes, pour into the sea of knowledge. Online quiz games have proven its positive effects on traffic acquisition.

A good example of this application is the quiz game held in China, which is called “Millions Fight”. Players who answer 12 questions correctly will get to split the winning pool evenly. It reached the maximum number of players online of 4,000,000 people at the same time. And the daily bonus has exceeded 630,000 dollars. Another successful example is a short video platform called “Watermelon Video” that used the online quiz game to achieve great success in traffic acquisition. The number of players per game is over 1.4 million. The amount of the bonus on the night of January 9th 2018 has reached 630,000 dollars. Their daily new downloads on the Android channel has risen nearly tenfold from 1.7 million to 16.13 million within a span of 4 days from on January 3rd to January 7th. The result of this example indicates magic power of online quiz game in getting new users.

Simultaneously, another App called “Race to The Top” opens two to four online quiz games per day. On January 3, 2018, there were 2,000 winners dividing the bonus of 16,000 dollars. The next day on January 4, 2018, the bonus amount decreased to 1,600 dollars, however the number of players remained at hundreds of thousands. This example therefore displays the effectiveness of the quiz games, as it resulted to increase traffic as well as keeping traffic.

The online quiz game has traits of low play barriers and high user participation, which in turn can generate a wide audience for the organization. The essence is to acquire large amounts of traffic at a very low price. Storeowners should identify ways to retain their customers after gaining the appropriate amount of traffic. Some approaches include: Better interaction with new subscribers, take advantage and make full use of the traffic at hand, and go to great lengths to turn existing traffic to repeat customers.

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