Our Story

The story started with a desperate conversation between two entrepreneurs.

“How is your business going?”

“Nothing much…There hasn’t been any visitors lately. Don’t even mention sales.”

“Have you been putting in any effort?”

“Yes, I have placed an ad on Google and other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter… But it is not working so well.”

“Expensive to get traffic?”
“More than expensive. I don’t even know how or where to distribute my company’s marketing budget.“

I understand and I have been there as well. My business partners and I were confused on how to acquire audience and struggled to get the first sales. It happens to other storeowners as well.

“Traffic”, a word that haunts many entrepreneurs days and nights, is the key to having a successful business.

Today, it is often assumed that traffic should be effortless to obtain due to the emergence of the Internet. Due to the immense selection of promotion channels, consumers are exposed to way too many options and thus it will be less likely that yours will be chosen.

  • How to make people notice your store?
  • How to make people reach your store?
  • How to make people recommend your store to their friends?

These were some of the questions we often asked ourselves. From our previous experience, directly asking for a visitor’s email, or enthusiastically giving out discounts to shoppers cannot bring constant traffic and sales. We needed to think outside of the box! We need to try out some new and innovative ways to encourage shoppers to sign up for our store, to motivate visitors to share our store link, and finally to form a virtuous cycle for traffic acquisition.

To solve the questions above, we decided to create a marketing tool. It works like a lever and is able to gain a large amount of traffic at a low price. We named it “Quiz For Coupon.” The inspiration of this tool came from the success of an American App “HQ Trivia” which was one of the most popular online games in the USA in 2017. The number of downloads for HQ Trivia went over one million in four months. Then we came up with a question: will it bring us traffic if we apply the same concept into our company’s marketing strategy? Luckily, we found the answer.

We formed a team, and persistently made efforts in traffic acquisition. One day, we began to discuss key words that was relatable to our company and came up with “quiz”, “traffic”, “prize”, “motivation”, and “incentive.” Therefore, we created a similar model and based it on taking quizzes and earning coupons. That is how “Quiz For Coupon” was born. We brainstormed as a team and had plenty of discussions with storeowners, aiming to get a deep understanding of their pain points when doing business. We also verified our App through trial and error. Now we are confident to introduce “Quiz For Coupon” to you!

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